Le Domaine Vert

My name is Walter Spangenberg, and i am creating my dream paradise in France. The Correze is the perfect naturereserve for individuals and groups seeking silence, nature, privace, darkness and connection to like-minded people. I bought this paradise of 90.000 sqm in April 2022. We welcome our guests for holidays, and we host retreats.

Guests of Le Domaine Vert are immediatelly touched by the sirenity, beauty and silence when they arrive. It ofthen happens that they start crying and do not know why. It feels like LDV let people remember.

Remembering what it is like to:

  • to be in silence and darkness and to remember
  • feel really safe
  • connect with nature and others from the heart
  • be who you are and want to be
  • experience what it is like before you were conditioned, without patterns, masks and learned behaviour

…and so much more.

Be welcome and (re)discover (your)self!

Hardly anyone knows Corrèze, but there is so much to see, do and experience. Fantastic old towns like in a fairy tale, lakes, forests, canoeing, fishing, cycling, hiking, farmers’ village festivals, you name it. Everything is there, and nearby.

When you arrive at Le Domaine Vert, you feel a peace come over you. It’s as if the earth is giving you a reset here. Away from all the hustle and bustle. Relax… because here you don’t have to do anything.

Because we want to keep the site as pure as possible and live according to the laws of nature, we use as much as possible biodegradable soap and shampoo.
Waste water goes to a septic-tank that purifies it biologically. We give that pure water back to the site. You can only empty your toilet with us if you use biodegradable products. Chemical can be done 10 minutes away at a supermarket. Vegetables and fruit are grown organically (want to get your hands and feet in the soil? Help is always welcome!) and used in our meals. We fire and cook on wood from our own property. We have no humming air conditioners and and our small swimming pool works without chlorine. By the way, the whole region is pesticide-free!

Sometimes we offer additional services during the summerseason. For example, you can book a massage, a healing, coaching, creative course or ceremony (if facilitators are available). These offers change regularly and are displayed daily at the entrance. Un-regularly we invite you to join dinner (at extra costs)

Dogs on a leash
Your dog is welcome, but please keep him/her on a leash. Our peacocks walk free on the domain, and if they get scared they fly up in the trees from which it is difficult to get them down again.

For more information or of reservations, contact Walter: walter@ledomainevert.com

Le Domaine Vert adres:
Les Magnes, 3972 Route des Templiers, 19230 Troche

Correze, France