On the 70,000 m2 grounds of Le Domaine Vert, you will only find 9 camping pitches. You will camp on exceptionally spacious pitches, with panoramic views, peace and quiet and space. You will quickly become one with nature and enjoy the peace and quiet. There is room for both tent/(folding) caravan, van or camper. A pure experience! Camping is possible between April 1 and November 1. Advance booking is recommended, or call to avoid disappointment.

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Perhaps you also feel like socializing and connecting with others from time to time. There is an occasional pop-up activity to which you are welcome. Think of a joint dinner, yoga, walk or something creative. Come and visit us in our bodega or hangar for a game or a drink.

You can get electricity at some places. The sanitary facilities with toilets and showers are for general use. We like to balance the exchange with nature; our waste water (showers, toilets ́s) is biologically purified. Since it feeds our site, it is nice if you use biological means. We look forward to seeing you! The campsite is open from April 1 to November 1. For information or reservation, please contact Walter.